Virtual Office

Virtual Office: Low-Cost in Japan

One of the most telling part of your company’s identity is its physical address. A virtual office is a low-cost way for your company to obtain an address that inspires the level of confidence needed to do business in Japan. Our virtual office packages also include phone and fax numbers, mail and call handling and more.

Contact us to know more about the wide range of Virtual Office packages in different locations to see what is best for your business.

Virtual Offices

If you are one of the many novice businesses in Japan that is looking for a good solution, then try availing of EcoTree’s virtual office service. Establishing your very own office in prime business district locations has never been as easy as using a virtual office. With a virtual office, your business gets to have a decent business address and a registered phone number. The wonderful thing is you don’t even have to pay for the physical office itself. Virtual offices are exactly like that – virtual. It is like hiring another company to work for you legally – carrying your business name, in your business address and using your registered phone number.

Virtual offices have several advantages over renting out an office and starting from scratch. Virtual offices do not come with the hassle of setting up everything from office furniture to facilities. It won’t even require you to hire staffs nor to rent an office monthly. All that you have to do is to choose the right virtual office package that suits your business needs and you are basically good to go!

We have multilingual and highly competent staff. With no need to interview, hire and spend money separately for monthly wages, we will be able to help you in any way possible: answer phone calls, forward and take messages, take care of faxed and faxing documents and even manage mails and emails. We can receive important parcels and documents and ensure that they stay in a safe location for you to retrieve at a convenient time.



MONTANA  supports native video playback for parallax backgrounds, and it also allows you to play your videos full-screen.



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