Optics & Photonics

The global camera industry is in a state of rapid evolution in which Japan is consistently a leading market and innovator. Mirror-less hybrid cameras, DSLRs, and compact interchangeable-lens cameras now drive the camera market. Find out more about Japan’s optics and photonics sector below.


About Optics & Photonics

The Japanese camera industry is in a state of transition. The Camera & Image Products Association (CIPA) is the Japanese organisation which deals with any photography related technologies. CIPA’s shipment statistics are based on reports by its members, including Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic. These companies supplies about three quarters of the global digital camera market.



Laser technology has a wide range of applications in diverse sectors, such as in heavy industry, medicine, military, and the entertainment industries to name a few. This section shall offer you some information on the state of the laser industry in Japan:


Optical Networks

Japan has the second highest number of fixed broadband subscriptions in the world, over 60% of which are based on fibre technology, the highest percentage of all OECD countries. Increased competition in the broadband market has seen demand for optical networks decrease slightly in recent years which has impacted production. As a result, research is active in this area as a means to ensure Japanese involvement in the next generation of optical networks. In addition, Japan now has an average of 105/6 broadband subscriptions per 100 habitants, giving it one of the highest broadband penetration rates in the world.