About Us

EcoTree Japan combines understanding of Japan’s traditional ways with deep experience introducing innovative online solutions.  This is accomplished through an extensive business network and a highly experienced team. Our top management team is made of people whose experience of success in Japan can extend to your business as well.

Japan is a deeply traditional country and it is famed for its services and personal touch. Business is highly dependent on personal introductions and face-to-face meetings, sometimes in business settings, and often in social settings, too. EcoTree can smoothly introduce you into this world, from clearing complicated customs and making the most of formal meeting opportunities to setting up an office.

But in the past ten years, a lot has changed. Japan retains its traditional aspects fiercely, but has also become a place where it is possible to bring a business entirely online in a matter of weeks. The country is 97% online, and online business and shopping are a part of daily life. EcoTree has more than ten years of experience bringing businesses online in Japan. Our online solutions range from visual promotions to membership management… from interactive education to online shopping.

It is extremely important to work in both the traditional and online contexts in Japan, and that is what EcoTree is about. EcoTree functions as the conduit between Japanese clients and you, and adds the powerful online dimension.

Through our Web Solution company Ecotech Japan, EcoTree has been having clients in a wide range of industries, from a major Japanese broadcaster (NHK) to Japan’s largest and oldest foreign chamber of commerce (ACCJ), from food vendors and restaurants, to billion-dollar solar companies (Solar Frontier), plus clients in automotive, medical, banking, and personnel.

The Japanese market is the third largest in the world, and while it is famous for safety, quality, and reliability, doing business here can be complex and culturally sensitive. The costly pitfalls are numerous and often completely invisible to outsiders, but there are just as many golden opportunities to uncover. EcoTree can help you navigate Japan to success.



Through the power of the Internet, EcoTree offers your business an opportunity to engage its Japanese market as fully as possible without physically being there. We combine comprehensive web design and management services with leading e-commerce and social networking solutions. Our years of experience in these areas culminates in our ExpoIt B2B commerce solution, which offers unprecedented bilingual participation in your market at the lowest cost, lowering barriers to entry in the Japanese market like never before.

As you enter the Japanese market, it is hard to directly sell your products to the final customer unless you are dealing with a distributor. Most of the new businesses have to face this barrier whenever they enter Japan. Some firms prefer to sell directly to the Japanese consumers and others seek for distributors so that could develop some trust in their products and services.

We can find you desired sales channels to reach your target market. EcoTree can formulate an effective marketing strategy for our clients according to the type of business. We link you with distributors who can let you sell your products through reliable sales channels. This will increase the chances of sales for your new products.

You will have control on the volume of sales in the Japanese markets.We have a sales team that has years of experience in finding sales channels for new companies trying to enter in the Japanese markets. You can count on us to offer you the help you need.


Web & Mobile Design

EcoTree Group has designed and built bilingual websites in Japan since 2004, specializing in e-commerce and visually stunning presentation, with both Japanese and Foreign clients, including the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and Japan’s public broadcasting company, NHK. This experience building custom websites led to the development of a streamlined, extremely low-cost solution that applies the best principals with virtually turn-key set-up. ExpoIt is designed to be every bit as effective as a fully custom website for 90% of applications. It is an extremely low risk approach to the Web in Japan while at the same time accomplishing the goal of establishing a solid market entry.


Social Networks

Successful businesses have depended on social networks long before the digital age. Only now, even companies with the most vibrant offline social networks are finding digital social networks to be indispensible. This is of course true in Japan, too, and the key is in approaching these networks in ways that work in Japan. Despite the tendency of digital social networks to be casual, it is all the more important in the digital social context to be pitch perfect.


Website & Social Network Management

Launching a website or making a debut in a social network such as Facebook are one thing. Maintaining these things and building momentum are quite another. EcoTree has provided web solutions to numerous clients and we have learned that it is essential to launch with growth and evolution in mind. This includes not only technology considerations but content as well. We can help with both!


Sell now on Japan’s most popular e-commerce platforms

Do you have a physical or digital product you’re ready to sell in Japan now? Japan’s most popular e-commerce platforms are Rakuten, Amazon Japan, and Japan’s home-grown version of Shopify, called “Color Me.” We can help you list and promote your product on Rakuten and Amazon in a matter of days, or set up an e-commerce store-front. We can also propose robust e-commerce platforms for doing business internationally, including Japan.