Market Assessment

Business consultancy is essential when entering the Japanese market. In order to have substantial sales a company needs to be familiar with the Japanese customer. We serve companies in various industries helping them launching their products in Japan.

We provide standard business models, market regulations and competitive situations in Japan. The success of your business in the Japanese market will become a reality with our consulting guidelines. Our market entry services help companies to enter Japan in the best way possible.

Business Analysis

Understand well your marketplace with our Business Analysis. We provide business analysis services for your company in Japan identifying the strengths and weakness of your company.

Our experience team of consultants have performed business analysis in the Japanese markets for a long time. First we analyze your business processes, and business systems, then we review your business objectives and identify solutions for meeting these business objectives. We find methods and approaches for achieving the benefits your business deserves.

We also provide mentoring services that can let you improve the performance of your company. We even arrange workshops for informing clients about how to initiate their projects in the Japanese markets. Our goal is to become your partner and improve your business by making sure you successfully target the Japanese client.

Project Manegement

Our team of project managers focuses on every detail of the market for integrating and aligning into the business objectives of our clients. We support your business in Japan and your product or service will go through the phases of development and then launch.

Our project managers will maintain open communication so that the progress of the project is always visible. We have experience of working with many companies and have launched projects in various industries. We help you grab the market opportunities for your business. We will add value to your business venture.



MONTANA  supports native video playback for parallax backgrounds, and it also allows you to play your videos full-screen.



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