Market Entry Consulting

Business consultancy guidelines will be required by any company that is looking to entry in to the Japanese market. We serve companies and reduce their risks associated with launching a new business in Japan.

We provide standard business models, make you familiar with the environment, market regulations and competitive situations in Japan. The success of your product and service in the Japanese market will become a reality with our consulting guidelines.

M&A Consulting

Many companies go for merger and acquisition for restructuring their business ventures. If you are about to start a merger and acquisition in Japan, we are here to provide consultancy services. Whether you wish to sell a subsidiary or buy a subsidiary in Japan, we are here to facilitate you in M&A activities.

Extensive and professional corporate contacts are required for the purpose of mergers and acquisition. We expand revenues and reach cost synergies for companies that are looking M&A consulting services. The structural and fundamental changes brought to your business will let you successfully serve the Japanese market. You can count on the experience of our valued consultants.

Intensive Contract

“Do as the Japanese do”
Let us act as a negotiator between you and your Japanese clients. We offer intensive contract assistance services for getting into mutual agreement. We will let you resolve cultural and language differences.

Here is what our offerings are:

Document Interpretation: All business documents will be designed according to the Japanese business rules. We will make the paperwork smooth for you. This will help build a nice relation between you and your partner.

Interpretations: We also provide interpretation services to our foreign clients. Talking with a Japanese business partner will not be a problem.

Contract Management: We can design your business contracts according to Japanese standards and requirements

You can rely on our intensive contract assistance and management services to meet your business while entering into any partnership or deal with Japanese clients.



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