Japan Market Entry

The Japanese market is the third largest in the world, and while it is famous for safety, quality, and reliability, doing business here can be complex and culturally sensitive. The costly pitfalls are numerous and often completely invisible to outsiders, but there are just as many golden opportunities to uncover. EcoTree can help you navigate Japan to success.

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Japan expects high standards. It is famous for paying a premium to satisfy this expectation, and it is a constant attraction for new market entrants because of this, bringing thousands of foreign exhibitors to more than 300 hundred expos held in Japan every year. Is quality and dependability a hallmark of your business, too? If so, then your business should be here, but to succeed, you will need to show commitment to your market and build trust within it. While this can be a costly prospect, it does not have to be if you have a good partner on the inside to guide you—a partner who understands both your business and your context while deeply understanding how things work in Japan.


Market Assessment

What is the potential for your product or service to find a niche or overtake a competitor in Japan? Who is qualified to answer this question? What would it take to test the market directly? EcoTree starts your company on this journey with a cost effective approach and an extensive network into a wide range of industries. In fact, for no cost at all, let’s start the conversation and we’ll give you the lay of the land. We’ll bring you up to date on the major developments surrounding your industry and connect you with specialists if needed. If the data you need is already available in Japanese, we’ll know how to get it quickly. We’ll be able to help you decide if further research is needed and get the data you need.


Trade Shows

Beware the “build it and they will come” attitude when you come to Japan! Whether EcoTree only translates your brochures or provides a full turn-key execution of your exhibition, we’ll insist on ensuring you maximize your expo investment with advanced groundwork aimed at your potential clients. This is the essential component for a successful expo visit. In fact, it is more important than having a booth at the exhibit itself. In addition to handling the complex logistics of an expo in Japan, EcoTree can provide the advanced prospecting, VIP engagement, booth performance metrics, and after-expo follow up. We’ll make sure your expo is more successful—and more fun!


Virtual Office

One of the more important challenges in Japan is overcoming fundamental linguistic and cultural obstacles. A virtual office in Japan is a very cost effective way to make headway. This essentially means an in-country address, phone number, and telephone receptionist. EcoTree trains your receptionist to field inquiries to your company effectively and log the details of each call. We then work with you on the follow-ups, applying best practices in sales pipeline development and metrics. A virtual office in Japan is an excellent way to test the market in combination with promotions or advertising.


Japan Online

EcoTree provides a turn-key online expo and reception desk in Japan for your company though a visually stunning website that serves PCs, tablets, and mobile phones in Japanese and English. The site is a great first step for your test marketing, which we can quickly expand to localized e-commerce through major international platforms such as Amazon, and local providers such as Rakuten and Shop-Pro. With EcoTree, you are closer to the next big step in online marketing and sales than you think. We can drive your online conversation with the market through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter by strategically sharing a continuous supply of relevant Japanese news from your industry.


Physical Office Establishment

While your managing director will need to focus on sales and marketing from day one, consult with EcoTree about detailed planning and low-cost set-up of a physical office in Japan. It is not only advantageous to have an in-country guide, but to have an experienced negotiator on your behalf. And it is as much about real estate and infrastructure as it is about the publicity and branding that will make it a major event in the eyes of your clients and industry media. Critical tasks also include assembling specialists who are close to your industry in Japan in order to appropriately handle legal, accounting, and tax.