Business Development

Sales Channels

“Finding sales channels to effectively make your products accessible to the Japanese customer”

As you enter the Japanese market, it is hard to directly sell your products to the final customer unless you are dealing with a distributor. Most of the new businesses have to face this barrier whenever they enter Japan. Some firms prefer to sell directly to the Japanese consumers and others seek for distributors so that could develop some trust in their products and services.

We can find you desired sales channels to reach your target market. EcoTree can formulate an effective marketing strategy for our clients according to the type of business. We link you with distributors who can let you sell your products through reliable sales channels. This will increase the chances of sales for your new products.

You will have control on the volume of sales in the Japanese markets.We have a sales team that has years of experience in finding sales channels for new companies trying to enter in the Japanese markets. You can count on us to offer you the help you need.

Market Profiling & Segmentation

“Deep insights of customer profiles with Market Profiling and Segmentation”

If you wish to identify customers, you will have to understand their attitudes, behavior and needs. This will make you identify your target market and serve it better. EcoTree can help you in identifying your targetable market segments. We use techniques and strategies for our clients as per the type of their business.

We use data to develop persuasive strategies for each segment. The results obtained from our studies are used to target markets. As per each segment, marketing strategies are applied allowing you tap onto market opportunities. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches are conducted.



MONTANA  supports native video playback for parallax backgrounds, and it also allows you to play your videos full-screen.



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Technology 60%
Travel 95%

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